About Kazan


Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tartarstan. Tatarstan is a Federal subject of Russia. Kazan is located 500 miles to the East of Moscow and it is the eighth most populous city in Russia, with a population of approximately 1,145,000. In 2009, Kazan was chosen as the “Sports capital of Russia.” It hosted the 2013 Summer Universiade, 2014 World Fencing Championships, the 2015 World Aquatics Championships, and was one of the host cities for the 2018 FIFA World cup. In In light of all these events numerous well equipped sport facilities are now open to public offering a wide variety of classes for those who are interested in sports. The infrastructure in Kazan is well developed, with underground, trams, buses that connect all parts of the city. Not to mention the airport (around 20 km from the city center) that has international connections. Kazan also offers several big shopping centers, IKEA etc, so you can fulfill your basic needs for utilities. Kazan is an impressive metropolitan city with multiple universities and you can immerse yourself in the culture and adventures it has to offer. It will be easy to settle in and will make your medical training even more exciting.


A new amendment to Russian law permits individuals who have entered the country for educational purposes to work when they have time off between studies. However, students cannot depend on wages earned during their time in Kazan to pay for all tuition and accommodation expenses.


If you plan to work during your stay in Kazan, it is important to verify your employer credential before your first day of work, paying close attention to all the terms and conditions. You are legally obligated to sign a contract and visit the office of Federal Migration Service for a work permit. A “No Objection Certificate” from the Dean’s office is also required. This must be on KSMU’s letterhead and must state that the university has no objections. Visit the Visa office of KSMU for questions regarding work permit.


Living expenses during your stay in Kazan will depend on the lifestyle you choose. To save money, you may consider cooking for yourself, which will cost about $100 a month for groceries. Living with a family will save you even more money. The cost of living in Kazan is much lower than in Moscow or St. Petersburg, so you can find a wide variety of familiar foods at affordable prices.



A taxi ride in Moscow: from center to suburbs, about $6 -$10 US, otherwise it’s about $0.4 per kilometer and about 20% less in smaller towns. – Taxi prices in Kazan are twice lower than in Moscow. Bed in a hostel: $20 and up 3-star hotel room: $80-$150 5-star hotel room: $250 and up 1 metro trip: $0.5 1 bus trip: $0.5 Lunch in a restaurant for 1 person $8-$10

All you can eat: about $12 Loaf of bread $0.5 Pack of milk: $1 1 kg of bananas $0.8, 1 kg of apples $1.2, 1 kg of oranges $1-$1.5, 1 kg of tomatoes: $1, 1 kg of potatoes $0.4-$0.6p Pack of rice: $1, 1 kg of chicken filet: $3-$4, 1 kg of meat: $2-$5, 1 kg of fish filet $4. Fine for not registering your visa and stay: $30

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