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Why is the Graduate MED pathway in Kazan?

To answer your FAQs, Yale University doctors have been exposed to Kazan State Medical University since 1994 and recognize its quality and value in training North American doctors. Medical school in Canada and the US is very expensive and very tough to get into, leaving some quality future doctors with limited options.

Is a Residency guaranteed?

No Residency can’t be guaranteed as it is dependent on your performance throughout medical school. The advantage of Graduate MED is we offer an internal residency program with spaces reserved for our MD graduates that is accredited by RCCI. This program is for our quality students that fail to Match in North America. Due to this advantage, Graduate MED will have a very high Residency placement rate for its students.

Why is the Medical school program 6 years?

The six-year medical education structure is based on the European model of integrating the teaching of basic and applied sciences. Whilst we may be able to waive a particular course for more advanced degree students, this structure allows our college and high school students with a less extensive background in basic sciences to be successful in their medical studies.

Is Graduate MED MD program less costly than traditional medical schools in North America and the Caribbean?

Yes, by quite a bit in fact. We offer lower costs of living as well as much lower overall tuition.

Do I have to learn Russian?

You will be lucky enough to be educated in basic and medical Russian, improving your clinical experience and providing additional mental stimulation outside of your medical studies. All your courses will be in English, but not all your patients in clinical rotations will speak the best English!

Are scholarships or financial aid available for international students?

Yes – When accepted, we will provide you with a formal letter of admission, as well as a cost of tuition and living letter that will request as proof of acceptance/enrollment and financial cost. Please visit our website for more information on provincial & territorial student financial assistance offices.

Why should I choose Kazan over the Caribbean?

Cost, Quality and Time. Only around 50% of Caribbean or other offshore medical students Match in the US or Canada. These other programs cost more and deliver less. Imagine being $250,000 in debt and not Matching, meaning you’ll most likely not become a doctor and not pay off that loan. The Graduate MED pathway offers you a ten-year path to practicing medicine. Not a four-year degree that may or may not lead to a career as a physician.

What is the accommodation like?


Dorms consist of eight rooms per floor, with 2-3 people per room. Each floor also has one kitchen and two toilets, and the basement has a shower.


Apartment rent varies depending on the location, size and condition. Apartments offered for rent generally include furniture and basic household appliances, including a refrigerator, television and telephone. Average prices start at $295.00 USD for a one-room apartment, while two-room apartments average at $450 USD. Utilities are not included in rent.


This is the best option for those looking to improve language proficiency.

Is part of the faculty from Yale?

The exchange program between Yale and Kazan, which began in 1996, focused mainly on training faculty members from Kazan in particular specialty fields.

Once selected, these individuals spent 3-12 months in an organized training experience at St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury Hospital, Yale-affiliates in Waterbury and at Yale-New Haven Hospital. During the past 14 years, over 30 young faculty members have completed this program. Many of these program graduates are now in leadership roles at Kazan Medical University and are involved in modernizing the educational curriculum.



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