Graduate MED Pathway

The Graduate Med Pathway

The Graduate MED pathway is quite simply a secure and effective way to become a practicing doctor in North America. It is cost and time effective and guarantees our student access to the medical school affiliated residency programs – a pathway to a Royal College Accredited Residency and subsequent ability to practice medicine in Canada or the USA. Graduate MED will help you to become an MD with Kazan State Medical University in Russia. Graduate MED give medical students the opportunity to study abroad in Russia.

We are a team of doctors solving the physician shortage in North America with decades of experience in top US medical institutions. As of this moment, 27% of physicians in the US and Canada have trained abroad and this continued pathway will only grow in importance. The Graduate MED pathway is based at Kazan State Medical University (KSMU). This partnership between KSMU and Graduate MED extends back to 1996 and sets the groundwork for students to become practising doctors in North America. KSMU is one of the top universities and the third oldest in Russia, with 200 years’ of experience in medical training. Our programs entail a first-class medical education at KSMU in the city of Kazan and follow stringent accreditation rules from the Royal College of Canada International (RCCI). We also have visiting surgeons from Yale and other prestigious universities who lecture and mentor on our programs. Through this unique partnership, students from across the globe are able to access affordable and elite medical education in English.

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Dorms consist of eight rooms per floor, with 2-3 people per room. Each floor also has one kitchen and two toilets, and the basement has a shower. Students cannot select their own rooms. We encourage students to apply early, as the number of rooms are limited. Some students may not be comfortable with dorm rules, as they are often considered strict.

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off campus housing


Apartment rent varies depending on the location, size and condition. Apartments offered for rent generally include furniture and basic household appliances, including a refrigerator, television and telephone. Average prices start at $295.00 USD for a one-room apartment, while two-room apartments average at $450 USD. Utilities are not included in rent.


This is the best option for those looking to improve language proficiency.

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Life in Kazan

Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tartarstan. Tatarstan is a Federal subject of Russia. Kazan is located 500 miles to the East of Moscow and it is the eighth-most populous city in Russia, with a population of approximately 1,145,000. In 2009, Kazan was chosen as the “Sports capital of Russia.” It hosted the 2013 Summer Universiade, 2014 World Fencing Championships, the 2015 World Aquatics Championships, and was one of the host cities for the 2018 FIFA World cup. In light of all these events, numerous well-equipped sports facilities are now open to public offering a wide variety of classes for those who are interested in sports. The infrastructure in Kazan is well developed, with underground, trams, buses that connect all parts of the city. Not to mention the airport (around 20 km from the city centre) that has international connections. Kazan also offers several big shopping centres, IKEA etc, so you can fulfil your basic needs for utilities. Kazan is an impressive metropolitan city with multiple universities and you can immerse yourself in the culture and adventures it has to offer. It will be easy to settle in and will make your medical training even more exciting.