How to Become a Doctor

Graduate MED Pathway

How to become a Doctor with Graduate MED

Things to remember when completing your application:

  • A completed Graduate MED application
  • Official transcript(s) from each college and/or professional school attended; if you have not attended college, then a high school transcript is needed.
  • At least two official letters of recommendation, which are confidential and non-returnable.
  • Medical College Admission Test scores, if applicable.
  • Official report of scores from the TOEFL, if applicable.
  • A passport sized-photo (optional).
  • $75 USD application fee. This charge can be added to your tuition fees if you are accepted.
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Graduate MED Advantage

The Graduate MED Pathway is quite simply a secure and effective way to become a practicing doctor in North America. You’ll be unique among your peers in that you thought outside the box and made a decision that led to real value both in your personal and professional life. Important facts:

  • More than 40 KSMU residents have completed clinical internships at Yale School of Medicine
  • KSMU residents have received clinical training at Danbury Hospital via the University of Vermont Partnership
  • Seventeen students completed a 6-week Global Health elective at the University of Makerere in Uganda
  • USA medical students perform elective clerkships in Russia at KSMU
  • Lecture series hosted at KSMU and conducted by Ivy League professors in areas such as biostatistics, tropical medicine, HIV and clinical epidemiology.
  • Fees are much more affordable in comparison to the USA and Caribbean Medical Schools

  • Yale University accepts Graduate MED students for clinical electives. This is a rare opportunity provided for Graduate MED Path students to gain experience from a top medical university founded a few years before KSMU.
  • Better and more hospital experience than most Caribbean, off-shore school medical schools. KSMU is the third largest school in Russia and accepts nearly 1000 international students a year into various programs of study, there is massive investment in-hospital training and experience uncommon for most Canadians and Americans studying at other off-shore schools
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program Accredited by RICCI

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