Kazan, Russia

Located 500 miles to the east of Moscow on the Volga River, Kazan is the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan and is regarded as the third most important educational and cultural city in Russia.

Established in 1814, Kazan State Medical University has a proud history as one of the oldest medical institutions in Russia. With over 4500 students, 8 faculties and 1500 staff members, it is one of the biggest institutions for higher medical education in the European part of Russia.

It is the only Russian medical institution to send students and residents to low-resourced facilities in other countries.

The exchange program between Yale and Kazan, which began in 1996, focused mainly on training faculty members from Kazan in particular specialty fields. Once selected, these individuals spent 3-12 months in an organized training experience at St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury Hospital, Yale-affiliates in Waterbury, and at Yale-New Haven Hospital. During the past 14 years, over 30 young faculty members have completed this program. Many of these program graduates are now in leadership roles at Kazan Medical University and are involved in modernizing the educational curriculum. This program has helped Kazan University to implement many essential components of modern medical education such as evidence-based medicine, problem-based learning, and the team approach.

Annual training of physicians and other care givers by Yale faculty onsite in Kazan in the treatment and prevention of HIV infection has contributed significantly to the approach and management of patients with HIV. Many other specialized courses for Kazan doctors have also been held, including Infectious Diseases, Tropical Medicine, Cardiology, General Medicine, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, and Biostatistics.

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