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About Graduate MED Medical Residency Program

We are a team of doctors solving the physician shortage in North America with decades of experience in top US medical institutions. As of this moment, 27% of physicians in the US and Canada are trained abroad and this continued pathway will only grow in importance. The Graduate MED pathway is based at Kazan State Medical University (KSMU). This partnership between KSMU and Graduate MED extends back to 1996 and sets the groundwork for students to become practicing doctors in North America. KSMU is one of the top universities and the third oldest in Russia, with 200 years’ of experience in medical training. Our programs entail a first class medical education at KSMU in the city of Kazan and follow stringent accreditation rules from the Royal College of Canada International (RCCI). We also have visiting surgeons from Yale and other prestigious universities who lecture and mentor on our programs. Through this unique partnership, students from across the globe are able to access an affordable and elite medical education in English.

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The absolute strength of the Graduate MED Pathway is the medical residency program and its strong relationship with RCCI and the bonds built shepherding the KSMU Internal Medicine Residency through the rigorous Canadian Accreditation process. RCCI is a non-profit corporation formed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada that offers the Royal College’s residency training services internationally. The KSMU Internal Medicine Program, with the help of Graduate MED physician-leaders, will be working closely with RCCI to ensure RCCI’s rigorous standards are held.

Graduate MED Advantage

The Graduate MED Pathway is quite simply a secure and effective way to become a practicing doctor in North America. You’ll be unique among your peers in that you thought outside the box and made a decision that led to real value both in your personal and professional life. Important facts:

  • More than 40 KSMU residents have completed clinical internships at Yale School of Medicine
  • KSMU residents have received clinical training at Danbury Hospital via the University of Vermont Partnership
  • Seventeen students completed a 6-week Global Health elective at the University of Makerere in Uganda
  • USA medical students perform elective clerkships in Russia at KSMU
  • Lecture series hosted at KSMU and conducted by Ivy League professors in areas such as biostatistics, tropical medicine, HIV and clinical epidemiology.
  • Fees are much more affordable in comparison to the USA and Caribbean Medical Schools
  • You’re safe – Crime comparison between Russia and the US show Russia is overall safer
  • Yale University accepts Graduate MED students for clinical electives. This is a rare opportunity provided for Graduate MED Path students to gain experience from a top medical university founded a few years before KSMU.
  • Better and more hospital experience than most Caribbean, off-shore school medical schools. KSMU is the third largest school in Russia and accepts nearly 1000 international students a year into various programs of study, there is massive investment in-hospital training and experience uncommon for most Canadians and Americans studying at other off-shore schools
  • Internal Medicine Residency Program Accredited by RICCI

GradMed Medical Doctor Program

A six-year course of study utilizing a subject-based methodology. After completion, students will have passed the US and Canadian Residency qualification exams, allowing them to apply in three different countries for Residency.

Internal Medicine Residency Program

A four-year program based at KSMU that has begun its inaugural 2016 class of residents in partnership with, and under the guidance of Royal College Canada International (RCCI).


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